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We offer a different range of funds to help you fulfill your philanthropic vision.

In addition to the services listed below, the San Antonio Area Foundation provides a variety of customizable services. Our professional philanthropic advisors help you develop the perfect program to align with your company’s mission and vision.  

Examples of our many services includes:

  • Corporate Donor-Advised Funds – Meet the needs of the community-at-large with grants to nonprofit organizations.  Business representatives work together with experienced Area Foundation philanthropic advisors to determine areas of need and greatest potential community impact.
  • Employee Assistance Funds – Invest in your most important asset – your employees. These funds provide an avenue for businesses to support their employees faced with unexpected economic hardships or disasters.
  • Signature Funds – Establish your own charitable foundation with minimum administrative and legal requirements. All correspondence and related information to the fund will be branded with your logo. These funds can be managed separately or invested through the Area Foundation's investment portfolio options. 
  • Scholarship Funds – Give the gift of education to your employees and other recipients. The Area Foundation will work alongside you to develop criteria and define your scholarship program.
  • Endowment Funds – Ensure sustainability with an endowment that establishes perpetual income for designated causes, funds or nonprofits.

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Contact Jennifer Ballesteros at for more information.

"I woke up this morning and saw $5,000 was deposited into my account. You don’t know the relief I felt when I saw that. Every dollar counts in a time like this and I just wanted to say thank you to whomever was able to help me in this situation. Thank you from me and my fiancé for helping me get back in my house and getting our lives back to normal." – Employee (Hurricane Harvey)

Jennifer Ballesteros

Philanthropic Advisor - Philanthropy for Business

Faelyn Smith

Philanthropic Assistant - Philanthropy for Business

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The San Antonio Area Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community.

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