Your charitable gifts can grow, achieving impact in our community.

We take great care to invest your funds wisely, transparently and prudently so they will grow over time and be available for grant-making now and for generations to come.

We work with our Investment Committee, in partnership with Shepherd Kaplan LLC, a professional investment advisory firm, to provide a portfolio strategy that emphasizes growth and capital appreciation while protecting your investments so you can support your favorite causes and nonprofits for years to come. The cornerstone of our investment strategy is the preservation of capital so that funds are available for our community, no matter market performance. We utilize a defensive portfolio strategy.

    Investment portfolios

        When you are ready to establish your fund, you will have the opportunity to recommend an investment portfolio. We offer three portfolio options: Select, Traditional Risk-Managed and 60/40 Index. A summary of the planned asset allocation for each portfolio is shown below:

Select Portfolio

The Select Portfolio was built to preserve value and maintain an endowment's purchasing power over time. Review the Select Portfolio's Q1 2016 Performance Report.

This portfolio is structured to protect capital during market downturns while still participating in upswings. This investment strategy relies upon the growth aspects of equity, risk mitigation strategies and alternative investments like private lending to offset the increasingly volatile credit strategies.

52.5% Equity

32.5% Credit
15% Risk Mitigation

For full details, review the Select Portfolio's target asset allocation detail.

Read the Select Portfolio Investment Policy for additional information.

Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio

The Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio utilizes a combination of actively-managed mutual funds and separately managed accounts with the objective of producing a market return and limiting downside exposure through the use of primarily defensive instruments. The Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio was created with similar risk and return objectives to the Select Portfolio, but risk mitigation strategies and alternative investments (private lending) were specifically excluded from its allowable investment types. Review the Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio's Q1 2016 Performance Report.

This should result in slightly more volatility than the Select Portfolio, meaning more participation in up markets, but also more exposure in downturns. With an investment strategy similar to Select, the Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio is appropriate for those fundholders unable to participate in Select because of an aversion to or prohibition against alternative asset classes (risk mitigation) or a need for immediate liquidity due to a short or unknown investment horizon. One hundred percent of this portfolio is daily liquid.

60% Equity
36% Credit
   4% Cash

For full details, review the Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio's target asset allocation detail.

Read the Traditional Risk-Managed Portfolio Investment Policy for more information.

60/40 Index Portfolio

The 60/40 Index Portfolio is a passive investment option for donors looking for direct market exposure at the lowest cost option offered by the Area Foundation. The objective of the 60/40 Index Portfolio is to more closely track widely accepted market indices. By definition, this portfolio is susceptible to market volatility and it makes no attempt to mitigate market fluctuations or outperform major market indices. This portfolio was added as a new option and began operations in July 2015. Review the 60/40 Index Portfolio's Q1 2016 Performance Report.


The allocations are 60% equity and 40% credit. For full details, review the 60/40 Index Portfolios target asset allocations detail.

Read the 60/40 Index Portfolio's Investment Policy Statement for more information.

Investment Videos

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