Community Application FAQs

Q. In what areas will the San Antonio Area Foundation award General Operating grants?

The San Antonio Area Foundation is currently in the process of aligning our current grantmaking to reflect four new focus areas (Cultural Vibrancy, Livable & Resilient Communities, Youth Success, Successful Aging/SALSA). We recognize that our nonprofit and community partners are familiar with our existing categories; therefore, we have determined that we will continue to use our current categories for this year, until our Community Engagement and Impact strategic planning process is complete.

Grants will be awarded in the areas listed below. Please note the funding priorities for each area:

Animal Services
Organizations that improve the health and wellness of animals, educate our community about animal care and/or provide spay/neuter and/or adoption services

Arts and Culture
Organizations that promote accessibility to the arts, encourage broad participation from all parts of our community and/or provide arts education and outreach.

Children and Youth and High School Completion
Organizations that enable children and youth to lead safe and productive lives. Organizations that provide out-of-school time programs that lead to improved academic performance, behavior and attendance in school and improve high school completion.

Organizations that improve the safety and welfare of vulnerable and under-served populations, increase chances for individual/family success and self-sufficiency.

Medicine and Healthcare
Organizations that promote healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on reducing obesity and diabetes, are preventative in nature or educate the community in prevention, and/or increases the access to comprehensive healthcare, including dental, vision and mental services.

Organizations that enable older adults to live healthy, safe and vibrant lives.

Q. Will you be providing multi-year funding opportunities through this process?

We have not yet determined if we will provide multi-year operating grants at this time.

Q. Will you have community information meetings to explain the process as you have done in the past?

Yes, prior to opening our 2019 process we will have community information sessions where we will be going over the timeline and additional details of the process.

Q. Will you also fund programming costs through this process?

In a continued effort to illustrate trust in our nonprofit partners and provide them with support that is flexible the intention of bridge funding is to allow the organization to choose how/where to use the funds awarded. Therefore, if an organization feels the best use of the grant funds is in a programmatic function, we will allow that. 

Q. In order to be eligible to apply, an agency must meet the following criteria:

Those eligible to submit applications include nonprofit organizations exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, schools, churches or governmental bodies that serve Bexar and surrounding counties.

Q. Why do you need an applicant’s Financial Statements and Financial Summary in order to consider a grant application?

The Board and staff of the San Antonio Area Foundation serve as stewards of our generous donors’ funds and, therefore, must have confidence that the investments we make in organizations are sound. The Financial Statements and Financial Summary (part of the application form) are reviewed to determine the financial stability of each organization.

Q. Does the Area Foundation award both full and partial grants?

As much as possible we try to award the full request amount; however, at times our committees have decided to only fund a partial part of the grant which is within their discretion.

Q. If I apply in the Annual Responsive grant process, may I also apply for other grants available through the Area Foundation?

Yes. Applying for or receiving a grant from one of our programs does not exclude you from applying for others, except as noted above. The other grants available are Special and Urgent Needs Funding and Disaster Relief (in the event of a declared disaster impacting our 8-county area.) We will only have one cycle for annual responsive grant making in 2019.

Q. Is it possible to speak to someone before submitting an application?

Yes! If you have questions about the application content, deadlines, or other 2019 process questions you can contact:

If you need assistance with accessing our application or have technical questions about the application, please contact:

Q. When are grants awarded?

All applicants will be notified by early-December 2019 and grants will be awarded mid-December 2019.

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