Social Media Communications Certificate

A three-month series of focused, in-depth sessions will culminate in earning a Nonprofit Social Media Communications certificate. 

The San Antonio Area Foundation, in partnership with H-E-B School of Business and Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word, offers a professional, non-academic certificate for nonprofit professionals or volunteers with a focus on social media communications and analytics. This exclusive certificate program will give nonprofits the tools necessary to develop, implement, and assess strategic social media campaigns. The sessions are designed to explore the intersection between social media and predictive analytics as it applies to nonprofits.

This three-month series of six sessions is designed to enhance a nonprofit's skills in social media communications and predictive analytics.

Program will open in Fall 2018.

The program includes 24 total hours. Participants who complete at least 20 hours will earn the certification. The certificate program is limited to 35 participants.

Workshops are held at the Area Foundation office and classes are led by teaching faculty from the University of the Incarnate Word. Each session will offer an educational topic pertinent to social media and communications with a goal of developing organizational capacity and effectiveness. Classes will be a combination of didactic presentation of core competencies, discussion of specific issues and challenges that nonprofits face related to social media and an interactive project based on the learning objectives for that class.

Program Cost: $495

2017 Fall Schedule Sessions from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Session I

Organizational Self-Assessment / Audit, and Social Media as a Tool

Friday, August 25

Top and upcoming social media tools, an assessment /audit of your organizational identity and resources. 

Questions to explore and ideas:

  • Who are we? What are we doing now?
  • How do we mine our mission and history to help tell our story?
  • How to communicate more frequently with social media?

Tool of the day: Twitter

Workshop: Organizational assessment

Session II

Good Marketing Practices, Branding and Authenticity

Friday, September 8

How brands and branding work

Questions to explore and ideas:

  • What is our organizational brand?
  • Why brand matters…
  • Promoting the organization correctly 

Tool of the day: Instagram

Workshop: Marketing and branding your organization

Session III

Infrastructure and Data

Friday, September 22

Topics: Hiring, leading, training and retaining new staff and volunteers to run your program.  Beginning your journey of collecting meaningful data. 

Questions to explore and ideas: 

  • Who’s in charge/oversees/maintains this responsibility in our organization? 
  • How do we make our social media a sustainable effort and an effort that helps sustain us?
  • What’s the payoff if we re-assign resources toward these tasks? 
  • Collecting data and assembling databases (from other activities) 

Tool of the day: Facebook 

Workshop: Organizational structure, culture and fit, hiring and creation of systems

Session IV

Demographics/Client Profiles and Targeting 

Friday, October 6

Topics: Demographics and target markets, marketing planning 

Questions to explore and ideas: 

  • Who is out there? 
  • How do we reach them? 
  • Are the right people listening? 
  • We need to do this – now what? 
  • Understanding engagement 

Tool of the day: Blogging and podcasting 

Workshop: Understanding our current and potential audiences

Session V

Developing the Communication Plan and Basic Analytics

Friday, October 20

Basic analytics, working with different sectors of the media / social media, evaluating the efficacy of the plan 

Questions to explore and ideas: 

  • How do communication plans work and what can they do for us? 
  • How does social media fit in with the campaigns and other marketing we are already doing?
  • How can we capture and use the right data on an ongoing basis? 
  • Analyzing the data and trend watching 

Tool of the day: YouTube 

Workshop: Communication plan development, setting up a dashboard

Session VI

Advanced Analytics and Acknowledging Risk & Crisis Management 

Friday, October 27

Legal aspects to consider, Information technology / information security, privacy, sending the right message, risk 

Questions to explore and ideas: 

  • Tools for advanced analytics 
  • Integrating e-mail and the website into the plan 
  • What are the risks associated with doing more social media? 
  • What to do when things go wrong… 

Tool of the day: LinkedIn 

Workshop: Preparing for the next organizational events using concepts from these session

Meet Our Presenters

Scott Roberts

Scott D. Roberts

Associate Professor of Marketing and MBA Director
University of the Incarnate Word

Scott D. Roberts is Associate Professor of Marketing and MBA Director at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. He has studied and written about digital marketing issues since 2007, and has also written about consumer behavior, artisanal cheese, international marketing and authenticity.

Dr. David Vequist

Dr. David Vequist

Associate Professor and Chair of the Management Discipline
H-E-B School of Business & Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word

Dr. David Vequist is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Management Discipline in the H-E-B School of Business & Administration at the University of the Incarnate Word. In addition, Dr. Vequist also consults with companies worldwide. Previously, Dr. Vequist was a Human Resources executive at the Methodist Healthcare System, a multi-billion dollar healthcare provider in South Texas. Before that, Dr. Vequist was a management consultant for Ernst & Young, LLP doing consulting for Fortune 500 companies particularly in Telecommunications and High-Tech.

Dr. Vequist has been a featured speaker at many conferences, worked with executives at companies all over the world and has teaching experience with Graduate programs in Healthcare Administration at Trinity. He received his Ph.D. in 2001 and Masters in 1997 from the University of Tulsa and his B.S. in 1994 from Northern Arizona University.

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