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More than 90 funds at the San Antonio Area Foundation contribute to scholarships, which are available to students pursuing their educational dreams.

All scholarship fund application deadlines are now closed. Applications will open in the fall of 2018. 

About the Application Process

The application process is based on criteria for each scholarship. Area Foundation scholarships fall under three different types of application processes. The categories are listed below. 

  • Individual application
    • 25 out of the 100 scholarships under this category require you to fill out a specific application for each scholarship.
    • Applications now open. Deadlines vary.
  • Common application
    • 53 out of the 100 scholarships under this category only require one application for all scholarship funds, provided you meet the criteria.
    • Deadline has passed. 
  • External application
    • 22 out of the 100 scholarships under this category require that you request the  application from the school or organization managing the application process.
    • Applications now open. Deadlines vary. 

Scholarship Funds Available

If you would like to view a full list of the more than 90 scholarship funds available, please click the download button.

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How to begin the application process

To begin the application process, please review the instructions and the scholarship lists that fall under each application type. Should you have any questions, please vist our scholarship FAQs

Individual Applications

A. Individual Applications

  • These scholarship funds require a specific application, and their deadlines vary as well. They are not included in the common application. To submit an application, you will have to apply separately to each scholarship that you are eligible for. 
  • Download (PDF) the list of scholarship funds requiring special applications to review the criteria.
  • Deadlines have passed.
  • To apply:
    • Click on the apply now button
    • Create or use your existing log in information to begin the application process 
    • Once logged in, you will see the different scholarship funds available. Please read the summary for each scholarship fund. To be considered for a specific scholarship fund, complete the application for that scholarship. 
  • For questions, please contact Bernice Uresti, program officer, Scholarships, at 210.228.3759 or by email at For technical assistance, please contact Cadence Corbin, program associate, Scholarships, at 210.242.4721 or by email at

Common Application

B. Common Application 

  • Fifty-three scholarship funds require the common application.
  • Deadline has passed.
  • By completing the common application, you will be considered for every scholarship fund in this category provided you meet the criteria. You do not have to select specific scholarships.
  • Download (PDF) the list of scholarship funds using the common application to review the criteria. 
  • To apply:
    • Click on the apply now button
    • Create a username and password to begin the application process
  • For technical questions, please contact Scholarship America at or 800.537.4180.
  • For questions concerning scholarship funds, please contact Bernice Uresti, program officer, Scholarships, at 210.228.3759 or by email at

External Applications

C. External Applications

  • The scholarship funds in this section require specific applications.
  • Download (PDF) the list of these scholarship funds. 
  • Follow the instructions on the list to request an application.

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