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Scholarship FAQs

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the scholarship application process.


Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding applications. 

When will applications open?

Applications will open in mid-October and close by end of January.

Is there a fee to apply for scholarships?

No, there is not a fee to apply. 

Can I apply as a junior in high school?

No, you are not able to apply as a junior in high school. You must be a senior to apply for our scholarships.

Can you tell me if I submit my application correctly?

We receive a lot of applications, and it is difficult for us to inform each person if their application was accepted. At the end of the process, sometime in late April or May, you will receive a notification as to the status of your application. 

Can I still apply for a scholarship if I missed the deadline?

No, our application deadlines are firm. 

Do I need to submit an official or unofficial transcript with my application?

You can submit an unofficial transcript with your name, the name of your school, your most recent semester grades, and your cumulative GPA.


Will my application be accepted if my transcript is missing any of the above information?

No, your application will be denied. 

Will you contact me if my application is missing anything?

No, we will deny your application. 

How and when will I be notified if I receive a scholarship?

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will be notified by email in late April and into May depending on which process you applied in. 

Will you notify me if I am not selected for a scholarship?

Yes, we will notify you by email that you were not selected for a scholarship. 


Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding checks. 

When is my check sent to school?

Your check is sent to your college or university during the months of June through August. 

Will my check arrive before school starts?

It is possible that your check may not arrive before school starts.

What should I do if my check does not arrive before school starts?

You should check with you financial aid office regarding emergency funding, payment plans and show them a copy of the award email sent to you by the Area Foundation.

When will my school post the check to my account?

Each school is different, but it could take up to 4 weeks to post to your account.

My school has not received my check. What should I do?

Your school may take up to 4 weeks to post your check. At this point, the best practice is to wait up to 4 weeks. 

Can the scholarship check be sent to me?

No, all scholarship checks are made payable to the school you will be attending and mailed directly to your financial aid office. 

Will my check be delayed if I change my mind as to the school I am attending?

Yes, your check will be delayed and sent out later.

Transferring Schools Mid-Year

Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding transferring schools mid-year. 

What should I do if I change schools mid-year?

1. Contact your financial aid office and let them know you are transferring schools. 

2. Contact us at scholarship@saafdn.org and request a change of school form. 

If I transfer school in-between semesters, can my check be sent to the new school?

It depends on the criteria of the scholarship you receive. Some scholarship funds must be used at specific schools. It is not always possible to transfer the checks to another school. 

How long before you forward my check to the new school?

If there are no criterion restrictions, once we receive your award from the school, and we receive a change of school form from you, we can forward the award to your new school. 

How long will it take the school, where the check was sent, to return the check?

This process could take a few months for the school to return the check. 

Can the Area Foundation send a new check to my new school before the refund is received?

No, we must wait for the refund to be sent back to us. 


Please find below the most frequently asked questions regarding renewals. 

When will I receive my email to renew my scholarship?

You will receive your renewal email instructions in May of each year. 

Do I need to apply for renewal every semester?

It depends which scholarship you receive. The only scholarships that require you to apply for renewal each semester is the Harvey Najim Scholarship, Whataburger Scholarship and Duncan Scholarship.

Am I eligible to receive the scholarship, even though, I do not meet the GPA requirement?

No. Unfortunately, while you do not meet the GPA requirement you are not eligible to receive your award. 

Can I appeal the decision to my donor if I do not meet the GPA requirement?

No. Unfortunately, while you do not meet the GPA requirement you are not eligible to receive your award. 

Do I have to attend school full-time in order to receive my scholarship?

Yes, most of our scholarships require you to attend full-time in order to receive your scholarship. If you are not full-time, you will not be eligible to receive your award. The Whataburger Scholarship is the only scholarship that allows you to attend part-time and receive part-time funding. 

What if I am graduating and cannot attend school full-time?

Please contact us at scholarship@saafdn.org

What should I do if I do not plan to attend school during either the fall or spring semesters?

If you do not plan to attend school, you should contact us at scholarship@saafdn.org

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