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Animal No Kill Initiative Update Reports

How is the Animal No Kill Initiative doing?

The Animal No Kill program office at the San Antonio Area Foundation has developed a series of reports to track the status of our City’s 2006 Animal Care Strategic Plan goals based on the format of Nathan Winograd’s 'No Kill Equation'. The report also shows the grants awarded to nonprofit agencies for No Kill related projects and the gifts received into our Animal No Kill Fund. Thank you to all the hard working employees and volunteers of partnering animal welfare agencies that are working diligently to help turn San Antonio into a No Kill city. Help our initiative by caring for pets in your home and neighborhoods, and together we will reach No Kill.

2013 Quarterly Reports





Helping Make San Antonio a No Kill Community for Companion Animals 

The City of San Antonio, through a strategic plan adopted in 2006, committed to becoming a No Kill community for companion animals. “No Kill” means that healthy or treatable dogs and cats that end up in area shelters are not killed simply because there is no space for them. 

Today, an average of 85 unwanted cats and dogs enter the city's Animal Care Services shelter every day.  Only 62 of these animals leave the shelter through adoption/transfer to rescue groups or returned to their owners.

To achieve our strategic plan to become a No Kill Community, we are following the No Kill Equation. The No Kill Equation, developed by Nathan Winograd, has proven effective in several shelters around the country.  

Components of the No Kill Equation

  • High Volume, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter
  • Comprehensive Adoption Programs
  • Pet Retention
  • Feral Cat Trap/Neuter Release (TNR) Program
  • Rescue Groups
  • Volunteers
  • Foster Care
  • Medical and Behavior Rehabilitation
  • Community Involvement



Animal No Kill Initiative Consortium of Partners

The Consortium of Partners provides leadership and oversight in a community-wide effort to implement the San Antonio Animal Care Strategic Plan and accomplish the central No Kill goal of the Plan. The Consortium engages the entire community in a comprehensive approach to improve animal care in San Antonio.


Gavin Nichols
Program Officer for
Animal No Kill Initiative
Phone: 210.242.4720

Consortium of Partners:

Debi Silva

Community Chair

Chris Bellows

Kathy Davis

Sherry Derdak

Dr. Joann Gonzalez

Pedro "Speedy" Gonzalez

Kenneth Kirlin

Marcia Lynch

Nancy May

Lisa McGrath

Renee Nank, PhD

Lisa Norwood

Brian Papson

Sallie Scott

Amanda Ternan

Tom Veitch

Erik Walsh