Improving Community Engagement

Over the past three years, the San Antonio Area Foundation has launched the South Texas Hispanic Fund, the San Antonio Area African American Community Fund, and the Women & Girl’s Development Fund. Each fund has the same underlying mission--to make a difference in San Antonio and South Texas by expanding participation in charitable giving. By focusing on the representative demographics’ unique challenges, each of the three funds can build bridges for effective solutions. Targeting an array of diverse needs, these funds will also encourage philanthropy and raise critically needed dollars for community programs.

South Texas Hispanic Fund

In 2007, Hispanic leaders, city and county officials joined the San Antonio Area Foundation Board and staff in unveiling a new outreach fund aimed at benefiting the Hispanic community – the South Texas Hispanic Fund (STHF).

The first fund of its kind in the state, the STHF further strengthens the city’s growing Hispanic community by encouraging involvement through charitable giving. Under the leadership of a Steering Committee, comprised of dedicated volunteers, this community outreach fund awards annual grants that address issues or concerns in the following categories:

  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Community Development
  • Arts and Culture

San Antonio Area African American Community Fund

To unite and inspire the San Antonio area to invest in a living legacy in support of the African American Community
Governed and administered by San Antonio community residents, the San Antonio African American Community Fund is dedicated to:

    • supporting grassroots nonprofit organizations effectively serving African Americans
    • increasing community participation, charitable giving, and voluntarism
    • responding to the needs of the area African American community

Women and Girls Development Fund

Driven by the goal to build a community of sustainable philanthropists, the Women & Girls Development Fund is charged with fostering leadership and supporting programs to help women and girls reach their potential. With the support and stability of the San Antonio Area Foundation, staff and volunteers will work to expand involvement and charitable giving for the fund.


For more information:

Maricela Espinoza-Garcia
Director of Community Outreach
Phone: 210.228.3766

Leticia Garcia
Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 210.242.4777

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