Driven by the goal to build a community of sustainable philanthropists, the Women & Girls Development Fund is charged with fostering leadership and supporting programs to help women and girls reach their potential. With the support and stability of the San Antonio Area Foundation, staff and volunteers will work to expand involvement and charitable giving for the fund.

View the list of 2013 Women and Girls Development Fund grant recipients here.


  • Multi-year funding grants may be awarded
  • Capital projects will not be funded
  • Grants will be awarded annually
  • Application will be available through the San Antonio Area Foundation website
  • San Antonio Area Foundation will field application questions



  • Grant recipients must be a 501(c)(3) organization; schools are eligible
  • Grant funding cannot be more than 30% of the operating budget
  • 51% of Board members must be comprised of women and girls
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit annual progress reports
  • Grant recipients must serve Bexar County residents (85% of program participants must be residents from Bexar County)
  • Application must include how the organization will incorporate a measurable “giving-back activity” within the program that is awarded and with the participants that are served.
  • Matching grants are highly encouraged.
  • Grant criteria must support advancement of the goals of W&G Fund in such forms as in-kind, collaboration or program enhancement.
  • Application must provide a description of the impact of the services to be provided given the award of these grant dollars.
  • Organization must demonstrate through data and analysis that a gap in service exists or there is an unmet need in the community.

Focus Areas for Funding:

  • Health- The health and wellness of women and girls is vital to a community. The Fund will support programs that encourage physical activity, educate the community on health issues that impact women and girls, and provide access to care. The Fund is especially concerned with breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.
  • Education- Education is paramount to a sustainable community. The Fund will support programs that provide women and girls access to education and provide opportunities for life advancement. The Fund will support programs that foster leadership, promote arts and culture, and encourage engineering and science. Additionally, the Fund will support cutting-edge research that contributes to the development of women and girls.
  • Social/Human Services- The advancement of women and girls is dependent upon their social well-being. The Fund will support programs that address social issues in the female community such as teen pregnancy and abuse. The Fund will also support programs that foster dialogue and education in these issues.

For more information:

Maricela Espinoza-Garcia
Director of Community Outreach
Phone: 210.228.3766

Leticia Garcia
Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 210.242.4777