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Financial Stewardship

As a community foundation, the San Antonio Area Foundation is committed to prudently investing the funds entrusted to us-providing a return that will preserve and grow assets while generating a consistent stream of revenue for grantmaking.

We are committed to accountability and transparency in all our activities. In that pursuit, we:

• Provide donors with timely reports

• Receive direct oversight from our volunteer Board of Directors

• Are audited annually by an independent CPA firm

Our primary investment objective is to achieve a risk-adjusted annual return, through appreciation and income, equal to or greater than the rate of inflation and administrative expenses. Like any investment firm, we seek to maximize our investors’ returns within the constraints of acceptable risk levels and, particularly in the case of our Socially Responsible Investment Pool, business ethics.

Two notable differences set the Area Foundation apart from other investment vehicles. First, we are a nonprofit organization and do not build a profit margin into our fee structure. Second, our returns on investment activity flow through directly to the San Antonio community in the form of grants to other nonprofits, in accordance with the instructions in your fund agreement.

Investment Committee

David Ladensohn, Chair
T. Weir Labatt III, Vice-Chair
Edward Benson, Ph.D.
John Dewald
Cliff Gladson
John Hayes
David C. Hennessee, CPA,
    Ex Oficio
David Komet
W.W. (Bo) McAllister III
Michelle Scarver, CPA/PFS
G.P. Singh, Ph.D.
R. Bruce Tilley, CRPC

Investment Advisor:
Shepherd Kaplan, LLC