Out-of-School Time "Beyond the Grant" Program

Through special initiatives, the San Antonio Area Foundation strengthens nonprofit sectors that provide critical solutions for specific populations in need.


The San Antonio Area Foundation is committed to increasing the high school graduation rate in Bexar County, where nearly one in three students drop out of school before earning a diploma.  African American and Hispanic students are over two times more likely than White students to drop out. 


Research shows that Out-of-School Time (OST) programs that help students navigate middle school and keep them engaged can help them stay on the path to graduation.  Grantmaking through the Area Foundation’s High School Completion initiative awards funding to nonprofit organizations providing OST programs for students in the 6th through 9th grades that:

  • Address and improve at least one of three dropout indicators – attendance, behavior or course grades
  • Enable students to hold leadership roles or engage families in participation
  • Have a relationship with a public school


The Area Foundation’s special “beyond-the-grant” initiative is designed to support and build the capacity of these OST programs.  We invited OST Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who applied for a High School Completion grant to join the “OST CEOs’ Roundtable”—a group of executives that comes together each month for peer-to-peer problem solving, training, and technical assistance with subject-matter experts.  Area Foundation staff design the learning events based on the CEOs’ training priorities. 

Our goals for this OST initiative are to:

  • enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of OST nonprofit organizations,
  • assist in building partnerships and collaborations,
  • ensure that participating organizations are better equipped to maximize their potential impact on the communities they serve, and
  • build awareness about the value of OST organizations within the rest of the education community. 

The Area Foundation also convenes stakeholders, engages donors, and commissions research to strengthen our High School Completion grantmaking efforts.


Find further research related to Out-of-School-Time and High School Completion on our website at:  https://www.saafdn.org/Research.