The San Antonio Area African American Community Fund
grant application process is currently closed.

Annual Event for the African American Community Fund:


The San Antonio Area African American Community Fund is one of three outreach funds of the San Antonio Area Foundation. Created in 2008, this Fund unites and inspires African Americans' involvement in philanthropy. Community volunteers are dedicated to building philanthropy as a powerful tool for social change. The Fund seeks to link resources to needs by supporting charitable programs that improve the lives of African Americans.


To unite and inspire the San Antonio area to invest in a living legacy in support of the African American Community


The grant application process is currently closed. View the list of the 2013 San Antonio Area African American Community Fund grant recipients here.

The Fund awards grants in the following areas:

  • Arts/Culture- The history and culture of a community can be remembered, preserved and shared with others through various forms of artistic expression that celebrate, inspire and enlighten. The fund will give consideration to programs and initiatives that present the uniqueness of African American arts, and promote and preserve the rich and diverse African American cultural traditions in an educational, informational, inclusive and entertaining manner.
  • Community Development- Building a community that encourages and fosters the acquisition of tangible assets, supports the principles of financial literacy and responsibility, and capitalizes on opportunities for economic development and revitalization, is germane to improving and sustaining our overall economic and social progress. The Fund will support programs that promote the economic fitness of the African American community, including the improvement and sustainability of economic progress and well-being. The Fund will also support community-based investment efforts designed to foster both economic opportunity and fiscal responsibility.
  • Education- An educated community is a prerequisite for economic and social success. The Fund is committed to supporting programs that advance the value and importance of education, enlighten and engage African Americans in business, political and community sectors where they are typically underrepresented and foster and develop a diverse network of African American leaders in the San Antonio area.
  • Health- The general health and well-being of the African American community is paramount to its perpetuity. The Fund will support programs that traverse the intervention continuum, including education and awareness, prevention and planning, and programs that provide access to holistic care, including both physical and mental health. The Fund is especially concerned with heart disease/stroke, diabetes, obesity, Sickle Cell Anemia, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, and other maladies and conditions that disproportionately affect the African American community.
  • Social/Human Services- The social well-being and the development of human capital are of great significance to the perpetuation of the African American community. The Fund is committed to supporting programs that address critical issues and concerns that significantly affect the African American community, such as poverty, access to care/resources, abuse/neglect, teen pregnancy and family preservation. The Fund will also support programs that celebrate, nurture and develop African American children, youth, adults and seniors.


Grant Criteria

  • Grant recipients must be a 501(c)3 organization; schools are eligible
  • No multi-year funding grants will be awarded
  • Matching grants are highly encouraged
  • Capital projects will not be funded
  • To be eligible for funding, a program must serve a population that is at least 70% African American
  • Organizations requesting funding of more than 50% of the program operating budget will be required to demonstrate matching funds
  • Organizations seeking funding are required to demonstrate African American representation on Boards
  • Grants will be awarded annually
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit annual progress reports
  • Application will be available on the San Antonio Area Foundation website
  • San Antonio Area Foundation staff will field application questions
  • Endowment education – grantees will be encouraged to create a separate fund for long-term sustainability, if not already existing
  • Grant recipients will be required to participate in at least one educational program administered by the San Antonio Area African American Fund

San Antonio Area African American Community
Fund Steering Committee

Bobby Blount, Chairman

Floyd Wilson, Past Chairman
Frost National Bank

Scott Bridgest
Harland Clarke

Marva Crisp
City of San Antonio

Tiana Clark

Paul Fletcher
Langley & Banack

Al Flowers

Yasan Gooding

Joe Linson
JEL & Associates

Oanh Maroney
Methodist Healthcare Ministries

Jo McCall
McCall and Associates  

Adaku Okoro
In Home

Ellen J. Ward
Joeris General Construction

Ed L. White, Jr.
BB&T Bank

Susy Williams